About Us

With a long pedigree in buying groups in the retail sector, Richard Allen started Buycorp in 2000 with a focus on providing the same benefits that had been realised by independent furniture outlets during the ‘80’s and ‘90’s to the hospitality sector of the 21st century.

By bringing together a collective of independents in the hotel, resort, guest house, game lodge, conferencing and restaurant segments, Buycorp could enhance the buying power of the group to negotiate pricing and deals with suppliers that are relevant to this environment.
Likewise, it committed to sourcing product and services for the hospitality market that could improve the day-to-day running of businesses in the group and create differentiation, which could
translate into improved revenues, for member organisations.

Suppliers, who had a strong relationship with the Allen family, welcomed the opportunity to engage with a new audience of potential buyers, without the hassle or risk of having multiple accounts and relationships to manage. They also realised that the benefit of guaranteed payment was of particular benefit in a volatile economic environment.

And so a mutually agreeable and fruitful tri-party arrangement was born.
While Buycorp continues to supply everything from light bulbs to linen; lettuce to loo roll and lamps to liquor to the hospitality arena, it has also expanded into complimentary areas such as turnkey
building operations; mining and the automotive space. importantly, offer assistance, efficiencies and cost savings to all involved in the value chain.